The Chronicles Of The Unburnt: 002

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The unburnt is the identity of my Law class at Riara Law School.

We are comprised of loud, opinionated, diverse, sassy human beings who’s age varies from approaching 30 to barely-in-my-20s.

The Chronicles of the Unburnt are random stories on the crazy that is my class.



Monday, 11th September 2017.

I woke up in a rush having spent the night at my sister’s (She graduates later this month and you have no idea how big a deal that is. She also writes, albeit more consistently than I do. Read her amazing content here.) ..So back to the story..

I woke up in a rush having spent the night at my sister’s. For reason’s unknown to the two of us, I have not even a single change of clothes at my beloved’s house (abomination!), so, I had to rush to my place to get a change of clothes and get to school on time. It was magical really, traffic literally had me by the balls.But I did make it to school on time (magic my friends…it’s real). 

The class slotted for 8:00am was Research paper 1. The moment the word Research is featured in any Law class, we all understand this means long hours in a library, sleepless nights looking at a PC screen wondering which ancestor cursed you. And the anguish and boredom that comes with the regular approach to research.

But not this time.

Research Paper 1 refused to be average – yes, I have just personified a unit.

The lecturer was friendly, an actual breath of fresh air. She was so full of the passion to teach, and do so exceptionally well, that that passion actually leaked. The only other lecturer, who ignited such a raw need to learn took me for “Great Books” in a totally different institution.

She was pleasantly different, not the usual, “introduce yourself and state why you are in law school”, often varied with “tell us why you picked this elective” –disclaimer, most instructors can pull off this intro pretty well, but truth be told, unless the answers given are exciting, the mood achieved by this intro is mundane. 

Back to class, this Lecturer brought her A-game. She accomplished the get-to-know-your-students objective, exceptionally well, i.e., without making it feel like she was interviewing you for some job.

Thus the class was fun- contrary to popular belief, fun and learning are not mutually exclusive, eye opening- we actually realised that we do know each others birthdays. How you ask?: She told us to arrange ourselves in order of date of birth from January to December without consulting (told you she’s full of fun twists) and we did, seamlessly. We did quite a number of other activities and while we were at it, covered the learning objectives of the lesson. We developed a deeper understanding of what research really is and understood that unless we are passionate about the topics we choose to research on, the zeal to research won’t keep and it shall be an activity in futility marred with one only accomplishing the bare minimum.

My friends, We Learnt!!!

Class wasn’t drawn out and/or tiring. There was no need for a break. Nobody lost concentration and I dare say we actually did stretch our brains.

And yes, there are many who do teach passionately and they do do it well. But today is about the ones who do it not only passionately but also differently. The tails in a world full of heads.

This post is dedicated to the ones who are different, the ones who breathe life into an otherwise varied but monotonous life. The outliers. They circles that refuse to fit in boxes. Keep at it.




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