Fire and Ice: Choice of Captivity

Fantasy , Poetry , Random Jan 19, 2018 No Comments

This feeling makes me feel bold

Makes me feel special, like two teaspoons of gold

Makes me feel wanted, like a jewel a-hold

Makes me feel yearned for, in its slavery I’d gladly be sold

This feeling makes me want to fly

Takes my breath away and makes me sigh

Never knew anything, in beauty, could outdo the starry sky

And just to imagine its mine, my oh my..

This feeling makes me feel sweet

Its effects resounding from my hearts’ very pit

In its rest forever I’d love to sit

For its only in it that my sun and moon meet

This feeling makes me feel proud

Had I a trumpet, my heart would blow so loud

Its ditches I’d firmly guard like a hound

And to it, forever I’d like to be bound

This feeling simply causes me

The very thought of it fills me with glee

I’m your captive, from you I shall not flee

Because being in your arms seems a freedom to me

This feeling makes me feel love

Its something I’ve always longed to have

A form of joy felt and reflected on every nerve

A master I’d be more than happy to serve

This feeling fills me with bliss

Truly I have never experienced anything like this

When you are around, everything in me is at ease

And all this starts a fresh, just by your kiss


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