Casual Bite: Mr. Counsel

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I shall insert a photo of a veggie sandwich and OJ

So the other day I walk into Java House to grab a bite. I was very happy to find a lounge seat… God knows part of the motivation to go to Java (And other Java-like restaurants) is the Coffee House tri-factor (* I should trade mark this!!), Good food, WiFi and the electric outlet…

So, there I was minding my business having just plugged my phone in to charge and already on the interwebs.

It’s lunch time and the place is pressed for seats. This young man comes up to me and asks if we can share the booth I am at.  He’s pretty handsome although he could do with the gym. Just to bulk up a little. His suit would fit better. Not that it didn’t fit him well, I just know it would fit better with a little more muscle…. I am a girl, I know these things. Being the African I am, I agreed to co-sharing this expansive space that was at my disposal. As he was settling I made my order.

I ask for a sandwich, grilled veggie and a small glass of orange juice. On this day the oranges were more tangy than sweet, I was informed, but being the orange addict I am, that just meant the juice was from the fruit and not from a box.

Now, this young man who I had just been very kind to hears my order and gives me this eye.

Then he looks at me again and I introduce myself as Angie, the underground vegetarian sleep expert who masquerades around as a legal intern by day and programmer during the weekend.

He chuckles

Tells me his name and that he is a lawyer. He also takes his time to mention that he was surprised to find an African vegetarian.

The waitress brings my tangy orange. And truly, it is tangy. But I really do love it. The young man, Andrew, looks at me and asks if I like Tequila.

Odd question for a lawyer.

I respond, ” well, when I am not researching better sleeping habits, I do like to imbibe. Rum is my poison -you know, having been a pirate in my other life, some things stay with you- but I sometimes indulge in the occasional shot of the Mexican drink.” (Today the gods of wit were shining on me)

His grilled chicken salad comes up and he proceeds to ask, albeit politely, why I was vegetarian. Do I not miss the joys in life? “like grilled chicken,” I ask.

He nods.

I tell him that I petitioned the God of Abraham to make my dark days go away. My sacrifice was meat. And yes, that includes white meat… Yes even fish.

Wasn’t it easier to give up other things?

It was.
But when they wore sack cloth in the Bible, it was an extreme sacrifice. This is my version of extreme.

“Don’t mind my asking, but isn’t giving sex up more extreme?” Andrew asks

“it depends, when its expected and regular, yes. Turns out meat is more expected and regular to me than sex is.”

And with that I had had my lunch

“It was nice meeting you Mr. Lawyer.”
“It was also nice meeting you Ms. Sacrifice.”

Have a good day, and a great week ahead.

And you too dear.

Moral of the story:

“Anything is a conversation starter. Including an order of Java’s grilled veggie sandwich and orange juice.”


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  1. Treasure

    Wow! I think that conversation didn’t end that way…You were just getting started…. It is engaging.

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