Give A Lil’ Love

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jipende nani!

I have quite a number of younger friends. Friends who are five years younger or more. I love them dearly. They always seem so fresh and unharmed. They’re like my special delicate orchids.

No matter how much I would want to shield and protect them from the nasty claws of life, there are only certain small things I can do to help them navigate life. Of all the things I can do or say to them, one always rings true: jipende nani!

This phrase is a simple request for one to love themselves even just a little bit. To love themselves enough to figure out what you can and cannot stand. To know and understand your hard and soft limits. To not only know your love language but to know and understand how you resolve conflict. To know what your rules of conflict are.

A request for one to figure out who they are, what they want. To work through life. To unlearn and relearn. To parent yourself. But ultimately extend as much grace to yourself to forgive yourself for the decisions that you’re not proud of, for the people who’ve hurt you that you keep blaming yourself for.

This is a petition for you to give yourself a little love. Just a smidge of what your big beautiful heart is capable of.

This is also a reminder to those of us who know all this but forget it sometimes.

– Love,



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