One More Time

Random , Utopian Fantasy Nov 12, 2021 2 Comments

Isn’t it weird that the last post I had up was about me committing to writing more and then I went AWOL? The funny story is I’ve been intending to write some more but I’ve been shy about it. And when I was not shy, I prioritized things other than writing. It’s a little like running away from myself.

I’m sorry.. to you my readers but more so to me for not sticking to a decision, I’d made.

Let’s try this one more time. Because improvement of oneself sometimes has one going back and forth and trying to push forward.

I shall keep the pledge short and sweet this time.

I pledge to write and post even when scared and to make time for it as often as I can.

– Love,




  1. Arthur Nkalubo Kalali

    keep at it love

    • Angie

      On it Love

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