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As I write this down, that reel sound that says something like “you deserve a slow love…..” is playing non-stop in my head. And for the first time I think I have exactly that. I may be mistaken but I am so authentically loved that I am of the opinion that everyone deserves this kinda love. The kind that can sometimes get you dizzy just thinking about it. Not the kind that gives you butterflies, no! The kind that makes you feel at peace and at ease. The kind that has you smiling and making fourteen hour road trips.

I am now of the opinion that true, grounded, magical love isn’t forced or forceful. It’s gentle, deliberate, open and honest. It makes the heart literally skip a beat and it makes the soul do somersaults and cartwheels. This kinda love does not cause giddy butterflies to flutter in ones tummy. Instead it makes one calm and peaceful. Unlike any kind of love I have ever experienced.

It’s the kind of love that moves you to want bigger and better for yourself and those around you. The kind that has you thinking about improving the quality of your life. Life gives us many moments to grow. And should we accept them, new things, new types of people, new kinds of opportunities, challenges, ways of thinking and kinds of experiences show up. There was a time and place for that giddy kinda love. But in my opinion, that was more innocent, inexperienced maybe infantile kinda love. The kind that has more to do with infatuation that it did love. We have to concede that it’s not a matter of change but of evolution.

“You deserve a slow love, uncomplicated, no rush, stable, consistent. You deserve someone that’s sure of you. That you’re sure of.”



  1. Wanjiku karugo

    🥺🥺🥺🥺 this is so beautifully written.. I’m so happy that you get to experience this type of love and that you are genuinely happy. ❤️

    • Angie

      Thanks doll. Thanks a million.

  2. Q

    🥺🥰🥰 I’m soo happy for you. Everyone deserves this kind of love.

    • Angie

      Oh Thank you my darling. 😉

      And yes, everyone should be on this! I am a little sure it’s like crack!

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