Fire and Ice: Only Then

Fantasy , Poetry Dec 17, 2017 No Comments

When a pianist loses his keys,
A designer, her sketch pencils,
An addict, his fix
Or an add alcoholic his brew.

When music looses tune,
Or a carpenter his wood.
When coal turns white,
And the Dead Sea comes alive.

When the skies and the land kiss,
And scarlet turns blonde,
When summers turn cold,
and winters hot.

When sunrise is sunset,
And Sir North and Miss South have met.
When sea becomes land,
And the mortal has a magic wand.

When lemons turn sweet,
And Hercules falls to his feet.
When Africa is a desert,
And Antarctica a Greenland.

When my blood turns green,
And my heart, nothing can feel.
When forests walk,
And when boulders talk.

When honey turns bitter,
And heat makes one shiver.

Until death and life are one
Woke in each other’s arms and decided to have some fun
Only then baby, only then shall I not love you.

– The Utopian Fantasy
By Wambui Kihara


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